Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2012 - 2013 Graduates of Amado M. Quirit National High School

The 3rd batch of graduates from Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School commencement exercises done last March 20, 2013. Guest speaker was Ms. Monique P. Kawari, a young Blaan professional and entrepreneur.

Jurrivec C. Balbino, class valedictorian 2012 2013  with parents and teacher Mae Shipaul Sandoval

Guest speaker Monique P. Kawari

Group photo with the graduates, teachers, and guests

Part of the message shared by Ms. Monique P. Kawari (some in Blaan dialect since majority of the graduates are of the Blaan tribe):

"Graduation is a time of celebration and a rite of passage. it is a celebration of your time and achievements here and you are entitled to be proud."

Message to the parents: " My father and mother were farmers (amlah agol), bay beg go too te proud papang go naku mamang go do too le ti faskul nga balu det aklimahan. Now, to the parents who are here today I want you to apply that also, I want you to support your kids faskol gamu nga do beg kafye nun nga am professional. It is not only for your kids good but of course li para di gamu, too gamu ti proud di sarili yu do man suporta yu dad nga yu. Li kel panahon dalu gamtabeng gamo ko ta tua gamu. Di kagkahan ani isu go tabyaan papang go talon te sureng since mamang go ta mati kanun."
Message to the graduates: "To my dear graduates, stand up and say thank you very much Mama and Papa. My dear graduates I want you to do your part as a daughter/son, I really want you to help yourself. Do ba det isuporta idad parents yu gamo ko la folong gamo atmabung di sarili yu ande mahitabo di gamu, di gamu part askol gamu tarong fetu yu di dad tua yu na desidido gamu skul, du beg te amlimah e nimu dad tua yu kamlo lam init do, you really have to think about it. Gamu pag-asa dad tua yu. Don't stop dreaming and continue to learn, also don't forget God. Always remember that God is your strength."

"I will never stop dreaming. De kagkahan ani tanu man banweh (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, South Pacific and etc.) inkul go sana go kablaan, nang to atnagak gito gu fro. Proud to gito ka-Blaan. In the future, hope you will do the same thing, balu ne banweh tankul yu America or even in Europe please don't change - nang gamu magbago. Even though I have a fashion and beauty salon that focuses on your outer beauty...your inner beauty is always more important."

"Now, congratulations graduates. Go with God and his blessings. I wish you and your families all the very best for all your futures. Hope nainspire kayo. Thank you."

Congratulations graduates from the Galing Foundation, Inc. Board!

Photos courtesy of Maam Jennifer Soguilon Dela Sierra.

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