Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Educational Resource Materials and our Partners in the Philippines

 A video featuring the common educational resource materials donated by Galing Foundation, Inc. (GFI)partners/supporters in Atlanta to benefit the GFI assisted schools in the Philippines.

We do the collection and shipping here in Atlanta and our partners in the Philippines are taking their time to help sort, transport and turn-over the educational resources sent to beneficiary schools. This is a wonderful partnership process that empowers us all to do something and serve in ways we can.

Meeting with Jack Breedlove for his Eagle Scout Project

June 22, 2017 (Vinings, Georgia)

Arjho Turner, Galing Foundation Inc. (GFI) Mindanao Outreach Director, met with Jack Breedlove for his Eagle Scout Project in partnership with GFI. Jack was joined by his father Jeff Breedlove for the brainstorming/initial planning of the project that will benefit the GFI Mindanao Outreach Schools.

Brainstorming resulted to the following ideas:
1. Jack to finish the project proposal documentation for submission to the Boy Scout Team he is a part of.
2. Jack plans to collect educational resources that will benefit Pre-K to K-12 students, College Students and even resources that will be good for the library.
3. Arjho will get Jack and Jeff engaged to the partners in the Mindanao Outreach to establish direct contacts from the schools and also learn about the Boy Scout of the Philippines.
4. Arjho will share a video as easy reference on common educational resource materials collected and sent to the Philippines.
5. Initial name of the project is "Back Jack Campaign" and technical support in helping promote this project thru the Galing Foundation, Inc. Blogs and Facebook Page with the goal of engaging people to be a partner as educational resource donor or financial donor to cover the shipping cost. For financial donations to be tax deductible, donors will write the check to Galing Foundation, Inc. with the note"Back Jack Project'. For educational material donations, GFI will send a form that will itemize donations and the corresponding monetary value to recognize the donation from individuals or corporate donors.
6. Jack will extend invitation to the GFI Board Members who can be available in his book collection initiatives in various places or schools he can partner with.
7. Minimum of 5 boxes and maximum of 10 boxes (standard international shipping box used by GFI thru a partner shipping company)  are targeted for this project.
8. Jack wanted to engage local scout partners in the Philippines to do the sorting, helping in the transportation and in the turning over of the educational resources sent as a collaborative effort for project implementation.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Shoes from Makabayan Georgia, Inc. & Caring For Others

Galing Foundation, Inc. Mindanao Outreach Maligo Elementary School received Bobs Skechers shoes from the Makayaban Georgia, Inc. and their partner organization Caring for Others. The shoes were distributed to pre-identified students during their first day in school.

Thank you Makabayan Georgia, Inc. and Caring for Others.

Thank you to Maligo Elementary School teachers for the documentation.

Happy 10th GFI Mindanao Outreach

Achieving a quality education in the indigenous cultural communities (ICCs) in Southern Mindanao, Philippines can be very challenging. Most of the schools in these communities lack the substantial educational resource materials and do not have their own school libraries that could aid the teachers as well as students to have the same academic support enjoyed by other school counterparts in the town center and even in highly urbanized cities.

In 2007, GFI started outreach for one elementary school mainly by sending books, some toys and kids clothes, school supplies and other educational resource materials collected from donors and partners/supporters in Atlanta. Shipping of the boxes were made possible by individual contribution to GFI, fundraising events and grant money from partner ministry, Cross of Life Church. All Board Members of the Galing Foundation, Inc. are serving as volunteers. Photos in this video were mostly from schools assisted and those from GFI volunteer/partners in Atlanta and in Mindanao.

Galing Foundation, Inc. Mindanao Outreach Schools, LGU & Communities:

1) Lamlifew Indigenous Peoples Integrated School 
Sitio Lamlifew, Datal Tampal
Malungon, Sarangani Province
- shared some of the resources sent to Nian Integrated School in Tamban, Malungon

2) Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School and Naidas Opong Elementary School
Barangay Kihan, Malapatan
Sarangani Province
-shared some resources sent to Kinam High School and Kiahe Integrated School in Malapatan

3) Maligo Day Care School (MDCS)
Brgy. Maligo, Polomolok
9504 South Cotabato

4) Maligo Elementary School (MES)

5) Landan National High School (LNHS)
Brgy. Landan, Polomolok
9504 South Cotabato

6) Kipalkuda Elementary School (KES)
Brgy. New La Union, Maitum
9515 Sarangani Province

7) Barangay Maligo Public Library
Brgy. Maligo, Polomolok, South Cotabato

Thank you to the following:
Philippines Honorary Consul General Ray Donato
Former Sarangani Governor Migs Dominguez
Cross of Life Church
Delta Air Lines
You Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP) for relief distribution from Delta Air Lines
Northwest Phil-Am for annual book donation
Makabayan Georgia, Inc. - for Bobs Skechers Shoes
Cross Culture Church members who donated books 
Sarangani Governor Steve Solon for his support to GFI thru his programs Sulong Tribu & Sulong Karunungan Program and in providing transportation, sorting out books for the recipient schools
DepEd Sarangani Province for implementing distribution of the amenity kits from Delta Air Lines 
Landan National High School
Maligo Elementary School
Maligo Day Care School
Barangay Maligo 
Lamlifew IP Integrated School
Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School
Naidas Opong Elementary School
Kiahe Integrated School 
Kinam High School 
Queen of Angels Catholic School
Datu Wali Mission 
Blaan Dalel Christian Academy
GFI Mindanao Outreach Volunteers 
Books and Educational Resource Donors

Music by Kernie D. Fanagel:
Bagong Umaga
Kaya Natin 'To

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Queen of Angels Catholic School 2017 Educational Resource Donation

8 boxes containing books and other educational resource materials ready for shipment to the Philippines to benefit Galing Foundation, Inc.(GFI) Mindanao outreach schools in South Cotabato (Maligo Elementary School) and Sarangani Province (Lamlifew IP Integrated School). Thanks to Prisea Metran Cook and family for being awesome volunteers!

Thank you Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell for generous donation! 

Photo credits: M Turner, 6 years old GFI volunteer

Monday, May 29, 2017

Books Turn Over to Landan National High School

Thank you GFI Mindanao Outreach partners/volunteers for turning over the books to Landan National High School. Thank you Maam Josseth Ante Malida for sharing the documentation too.

Thank you Ms. Gemma Bennett and family for the generous donation of educational resource materials! 

Photo credits: Josseth Ante Malida. LNHS -GFI School Coordinator 

GFI Supports "Kastifun di Datal" for the DokVice Project Presentation

Thank you Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator, for representing the Galing Foundation, Inc. in this "Kastifun di Datal" for the DokVice Project presentation from the office of Sarangani Vice Governor VG Elmer De Peralta. Thank you as well Charritie Santander Hernia-Duma for facilitating the invitation.

April 26, 2017
Mindanao Outreach Director
Galing Foundation, Inc.

Dear Mrs. Turner,

The Provincial Government of Sarangani being committed to reduce the poverty incidence in the province is working towards convergence to get all available resources necessary to uplift the quality of life of the majority, if not all, of its constituents.

The DokVice Project of this office is among the implementer of such strategies aiming to alleviate poverty and socio-economic development. Its eprimary focus is on 1) community health and sanitation so that Sarangans can function efficiently and work productively; 2) empowering the children and youth as we aim to prepare them to lead the next generations effectively; 3) women empowerment, specifically those on the reproductive group who are now referred to by the United Nations on its study as the “Human Resource Specialist”, that is to help make their contribution in the society become visible through capability enhancement on entrepreneurship. You may find in the attached file the specific interventions/services of this project.

To further give an insight about the DokVice Project, a get together activity is being prepared on May 17, 2017, 9:00AM at SUNCITY SUITES, National Highway, Lagao, General Santos City. It is dubbed as “KASTIFUN DI DATAL”, a Blaan phrase which means coming together for a fellowship, to celebrate or an assembly for a common cause. It aims to present the project and discuss areas for possible collaboration with you knowing that your company is a frontliner in advancing your own Corporate Social Responsibility programs. We are certain that we both are heading to the same goal of influencing positive changes in the lives of our fellowmen and the country as a whole.

It is at this juncture that we are very pleased to invite you to be with us on this groundbreaking event.
For more inquiries and confirmation, please contact Ms. Ruth Salip, Partnership and Linkaging Staff at 0909-952-7647(Smart) or 0935-705-0269(Touch Mobile).

Your presence will be highly appreciated and anticipated. Let us build better communities together and achieve more for the consequent development of our country.
In public service,
Vice Governor
Photo credits: Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Thank you GFI Volunteers and Partners!

8 Galing Foundation, Inc. boxes arrived last week from the shipment done in December 2016 and January 2017. The contents were sorted out by GFI Mindanao Outreach volunteers (Gimalyn Ditan, Daisy Ranoa, Jocelyn Robles) to benefit Maligo Day Care School, Maligo Elementary School and Landan National High School all located in Polomolok, South Cotabato. Turn over to the different schools will be done in time for the school year opening. Thank you GFI Mindanao partners!

Thank you as well to Ms. Gemma Bennett for the book donations and art work crafting materials, Makabayan Georgia, Inc. and Caring for Others, Inc. thru the Fil-Am Association of Greater Atlanta for the shoes donation in 2016. Thank you Cross of Life Church - Social Concerns Committee in Roswell, Georgia for the grant supporting the shipping of the boxes.

"The shoes will be of great help for the students and will be a big surprise for them in the school opening. The grade levels that might fit the shoe sizes will be from Day Care School to Grade 3. I will coordinate with Maligo Elementary School Principal for pre-identification of student recipients in time for the school opening in June." - Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator

Kids of the GFI Mindanao Volunteers also
 enjoying some educational resources sent.

Photo credits: Jocelyn Robles, GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

AMQNHS Youth Leadership Awardee

For the first time, the Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School also adopted the Galing Foundation, Inc. Youth Leadership Awards program. Their first YLA recipient is Felipe Wata Jr. During their Moving Up ceremony, the students and parents proudly wore their traditional clothing and accessories.

GFI - Youth Leadership Awardee Felipe Wata, Jr.

Students with teachers

Photo credits: Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School

Certificate of Recognition for GFI

Galing Foundation, Inc. Mindanao Outreach Coordinator Jocelyn Robles was invited by the Lamlifew Integrated School during their  Graduation and Recognition Day to represent GFI in the awarding of the trophy for Youth Leadership Awardee and medals for the Best in English Awardees. She also received the Certificate of  Recognition from the school for GFI.

Presentation of the GFI Certificate of Recognition by
Lamlifew Integrated School Principal Ireneo Caya

Library set up at Lamlifew Integrated School

Some educational materials from GFI donors in Atlanta

Students on their graduation day (April 5, 2017)

 Photo credits: Jocelyn Robles and Sir Ireneo Caya