Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School History

Current teachers: Alvin Licawan, Rolando S. Atup, Jennifer Portigo Caberoy, Rodney Tanquerido, Mae Shipaul Sandoval, and Teacher-in-Charge Jennifer Soguilon Dela Sierra
First graduates in 2011
The Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School is the third secondary school established in the Municipality of Malapatan. Its establishment is the result of the concerted effort of  Kihan Elementary School Faculty headed by Mrs. Delia Peque-Cornejo, the community headed by Mr. Medio Español and by the Municipal Education Committee Chairman, Mr. Felipe Pulanco. It is named after the late husband of the school site donor – Helen Aguila Vda de Quirit Capeñanes.  The school was institutionalized in school year 2007-2008 with 67 first year students.

             Rolando S. Atup and Alvin L. Lacawan were the first high school teachers assigned in Kihan and the first classroom was a borrowed classroom from the nearby elementary school. The first school building is the two-classroom building constructed by DPWH in 2007 but was used in school year 2008-2009. In school year 2009-2010, the KALAHI-CIDDSS Foundation donated a two-classroom building with comfort rooms. In the middle of the school year 2009-2010, the second building was occupied by the faculty and the third year high school students.

            School year 2009-2010 was the year when many school improvements took place. Because of the implementation of School-Based Management (SBM) the school was given its first head – Jennifer S. Dela Sierra to lead the school. An additional of three teachers in the middle of the school year came about, namely: Jeniffer P. Caberoy, Mary Rose F. Tanquerido and Mae Shipaul V. Sandoval. Because of the added dedicated school personnel and students’ cooperation and industry, the school campus was slowly transformed from mere grassland to a pleasing learning place.

             Eleven units of Personal Computers arrived at the school in the beginning of school year 2010-2011 when the school had its first batch of fourth year students. Computer education as integrated in TLE subject was given to the graduating class. Organization of different clubs, functional SSG, Reading Program, Whole-School Approach, Child-Friendly Environment and DORP are among the programs and activities of the school that will hopefully help in maximizing the Amadonians’ academic and social potentials.

             An additional two-classroom building and a three-seater comfort room were constructed in school year 2011-2012. There were a total of six classrooms for five classes at the start of school year 2012-2013 for 272 enrollees. The extra room was made as a temporary library where the textbooks and reference books were placed. There were many physical improvements that took place during this school year because of the joint effort of the internal and external stakeholders. These are:

§  the construction of the concrete elevated structure for the flagpole;

§  the construction of the box culvert at school entrance;

§  the cementing of the main pathway;

§  the construction of the school stage;

§  the construction of the Class Dormitory which was financed by the SMI through the effort of Governor Miguel Rene A. Dominguez and the QUEST Program under the management of Miss Annalie Edday.

            With this on going scenario, the learners in the hinterland will soon be as competent as the learners in the urban area. They will experience what is like to be schooled in a well-equipped school thus making them proficient in most if not all areas of learning.  
Photos courtesy of Maam Jennifer S. Dela Sierra.

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