Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lamlifew Elementary School Profile

Students wear traditional Blaan costume once a week during regular class days

School Name: Lamlifew Elementary School
DepEd ID #: 130606

Name of Principal/Teacher-in-Charge: Ireneo T. Caya
Address: Sitio Lamlifew, Datala Tampal, Malungon, Sarangani Province

2012-2013 Number of students:  236 pupils from Kinder to Grade VI
Type of Books Requested:

All Subjects for the following:
§  Chapter Books/Early Readers Ages 5-8
§  Middle Grade/Ages 7 – 10 & Ages 8 – 12
§  Young Adult/Teens  Ages 13 – 18

School Mission:
Provide quality education and manifest indigenous knowledge and practices with competence and committed teachers, supportive community and stakeholders to produce a culture-oriented and God-loving citizen.

Quantity of books currently in its inventory:
Based on our inventory, there is 1:3 ratio for pupil and books but there were subjects for teacher’s copy only (MSEP).

Current Curriculum:
Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) is good if the needs of the school will be provided like teacher’s books and other facilities especially on the implementation of the K to 12 program in Kindergarten, Grade I and Grade VII. The school needs other resources from non-government organizations (NGOs) to upgrade our educational system.

Current Reading Program:
The school is adopting the District Reading Program Reading Enhancement for youth. The focus is to give remedial reading to slow readers from Grades I to VI, one hour a day in the teacher’s vacant period. To sustain the program, we wanted a very functional library that all the reading materials are present. We have vacant room that serves as our viewing room and at the same time library. We do not have enough reading materials in our library. We plan to assign teachers to conduct and monitor the library day at one hour a day especially to those who are slow learners so that students will develop their interest  and love for reading.

 Photos courtesy of Cocoy A. Sexcion, Provincial Information Office, Sarangani.

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