Sunday, August 15, 2010

Galing Foundation, Inc (GFI) 2010 Mission Trip to evaluate the 5-year school library development plan for Landan National High School

GFI's intervention with this school started in 2008. The school administration is very supportive to the project of library development that they lobbied for the construction of their school library given the influx of book donations made possible by donors and supporters of GFI in Atlanta.
The school is being seen a a model of good leadership practices for outsorucing and establishing external partnership to support the development of their school. The book shelves used in the library are the project of the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) of the school.
The school adopted the the Youth Leadership Award and Best in English Award in 2009. In 2010, they started to have their Summer Arts Workshop that will form part of the annual GFI's Filipino Children's Arts Exhibit here in Atlanta.
The school used the Dewey Decimal System for their library indexing, cataloging, classification. It is very impressive that the teachers and the school teachers are utilizing the educational resources sent to them to imrpove the learning skills of their students. It is the first high school in the province of South Cotabato with support from an international non-profit organization like the GFI.
The school designated a school librarian to oversee and implement rules and regulations on the use of their school library. The school is also sharing their educational resource materials with the barangay council of Landan.The school has only one old edition of dictionary and the teachers truly expressed the need to have more dictionaries and encylopedia that are at least 5 years old edition/publication.
Other resource materials needed are the folllowing:
1. Mini-classroom globes
2. English, Science and Math resource books
3. National Geographic Magazines as part of their general reference and other world news resource materials e.g. Time Magazine
4. Visual aid materials for teachers especially in the Science and English subjects
5. Artwork materials
6. Music materials
7. College based reference materials for students from the community that have gone to colleges/universities and are spending their weekends back home for weekend research oppotunities
8. Maps and geographical visual aids
Thanks so much for the leadership of Maam Nemfa Macabenta, our GFI school coordinate Joseth A. Malida, the students, the teachers and the parents association.

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