Monday, August 30, 2010

Dictionary for schools

One of the expressed needs of the different schools during the GFI Mission Trip 2010 is dictionary for the school library and also pocket sized dictionaries for the students. The dictionaries above will be sent to the different schools assisted, 1 big dictionary and 2 pocket sized dictionaries for each kind per school. The schools will be asked for feedback if they like it and more will be sent later.
This project dubbed as stump illiteracy, Buy Me A Dictionary (BMAD) was conceptualized by Bernard Turner after talking to students during the visit to the schools. The pocket sized dictionaries were bought from Barnes & Noble, tax free. Upon knowing the concept behind buying bulk dictionaries in the future for Galing Foundation, Inc...the Barnes & Noble store in Cobb Parkway decided to donate 4 medium sized boxes of educational materials.
Everyone is enjoined to participate in this project...dictionaries are not necessarily bought brand new but at least published within the last 5 years.

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