Monday, February 23, 2015

Feature story: School of Living Tradition class at Lamlifew Elementary School

Class is applicable to both sexes

Adult women in the community are the resource persons

Kids are in their traditional Blaan costume and accessories

The costume of the kids were part of the output of the skills transfer done by LTWA

LES Principal with LTWA women members

Majority of the students at Lamlifew Elementary School (LES) belong to the Blaan Indigenous Peoples (IP) groups. The Department of Education has declared LES as an IP School of Living Traditions. One of their activies is having once a week skills transfer (every Friday morning) on embroidery and bead works. Their teachers are the members of the Lamlifew Tribal Women's Association (LTWA) whom most of the students parents are also active members. More info about Lamlifew in this website,

The school welcomes donation for materials (threads, needles, clothes/textiles, chalk beads) used in the skills transfer.

Photos courtesy of Sir Ireneo Caya, LES Principal.

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