Monday, February 2, 2015

2014 GFI Year End Report Presented during the 8th Youth Leadership Award and 1st Filipino-American Teacher's Appreciation Ceremonies

Some deaf students with their teachers. Visual aid materials are helpful for them.

Students from both schools are predominantly Blaan, one of the Indigenous Peoples Group of Region 12 Philippines.

K - 12 books and educational resource materials sent and some toys to offset weight. Boxes are numbered and assigned to recipient schools each shipment. For the Mindanao Outreach, 19 boxes arrived in Gensan and shipments made in the last quarter of 2014 will arrive first quarter 2015.

Northwest Phil-Am is having annual book & school supplies drive to benefit GFI

Graduates wearing their traditional Blaan costume. Kids are all happy recieving books. The community is also home to the Blaan Mabal Tabih (ikat weaving like the background of the presentation document) where most mothers of the kids are actively involved in skills transfer as well as cultural enterprise for the different crafts (bead works, embroidery, weaving) to the younger generations.

Recent guests of the school include the Basilan LGU and educators and the American missionaries from North Carolina. The school and the community is great for all to visit on leisure trip, or missions/outreach activities.

Predominantly Blaan students in a remote Barangay of Kihan in Malapatan.

Sulong Karunungan and Sulong Tribu Program staff of Sarangani did great job in books turnover.

Becca is the one that facilitated for the school to apply as GFI recipient. She also came from this village.

Dump truck, "weapon", "habal-habal" (motorcyle) are just examples of transportation that teachers, villagers, students and government agencies use to reach very remote villages from town center to deliver services. Bulky books turnover are often transported using four-wheel drive vehicles like dump truck due to the road difficulty and terrain in far lung communities. Teachers usually use the "habal-habal" and sometimes horses too if no vehicles available.

Sulong Tribu Program Manager Toto Tirando and Sulong Karunungan Program Ping Gomez along with staff of each program  under the Office of the Governor are appreciated for their pro-active response in the books turnovers as well as documentation.

Awarding done last year at the residence of Philippines Consul General Ray Donato.

Two schools participated last year. Each YLA recieved a plaque like the one above.

GFI wanted to promote English literacy and we give recognition for students who showed excellence in this subject. Maligo Elementary School is one of the recipient schools for LDERA cyle 2008-2013.

Turnover of Certificate of Recognition from the Department of Education-Sarangani Schools Division to Delta Air Lines Executive for the donation implemented in 2013.

Different Christmas trees featured from the International community in Atlanta.

Year End Report presented by Arjho Carino Turner, GFI Secretary & Mindanao Outreach Director. Photo credits to the following: Toni Daya-Luetgers; Cornerstone Baptist Deaf Academy, Lamlifew Elementary School c/o Sir Ireneo Caya; Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School c/o Maam Jen Dela Sierra (& Jaymore More via FB post); Becca Dayag Rodriguez; Bon-Bon Quino, Iner Toguin, Cocoy A. Sexcion, Jake Narte, Gov. Steve Chiongbian Solon FB Page, Sulong Tribu and Sulong Karunungan Program.    

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