Monday, February 23, 2015

Community Reading at Lamlifew

Lamlifew Elementary School (LES) teachers has engaged the  parents, children and village officials in their outdoor storytelling time.

Mrs. Florecia Bago, a Blaan teacher was the reading teacher.

Some village leaders as reading teachers.

"This book is used by our Kindergarten school. I also use this book as a resource on how to take care of their kids and especially on proper hygiene as well as the importance of cleanliness of our surroundings for healthy living when we have Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting." - Ireneo Caya,  LES Principal

Students have so much fun reading picture books.

"I am so happy that they're really appreciated the reading/learning materials given to the school by Galing Foundation, Inc. Thank you so much." - Ireneo Caya, School Principal 

Photos courtesy of Sir Ireneo Caya, LES Principal.

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