Friday, March 20, 2009

YLA initial monitoring and evaluation

Jocelyn C. Robles said that “the trophies, medals and certificates look amazingly beautiful.” On behalf of GFI, she will do the awarding for Landan National High School on the closing exercises of First – Third Year level. She will also do the turn-over of medals and trophy for the Maligo Day Care School as well as the Maligo Elementray School.

In an e-mail sent by Dan Evans, he said that “the medals, certificates and trophy are excellent. Everyone will be shocked and excited to receive them. This will be a new experience for them. Please extend our compliments to Galing Foundation, Inc. and donors for this effort. I will be there to present the awards and we will take photos that will be sent to you.”

In his report for the board and supporters of the Datu Wali Mission (DWM), Dan Evans also stressed the partnership of GFI and DWM. “This year is special, because the Galing Foundation, Inc., a Filipino-American non-profit organization in the U.S., has provided awards (certificates, medals, and a trophy) for the top students of each grade, plus the star graduate. We will be honored to represent that foundation in presenting them on that day.”

Photo-documentation for the respective school awarding will be submitted to GFI Mrs. Jocelyn C. Robles and Dan Evans. This will also include added information about the awardees.

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