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Landan National High School (LNHS) History

Landan National High School-UKNHS Annex is located at Barangay Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

Barangay Landan is considered as one of the big barangays of Polomolok, South Cotabato. It has a land area of more or less ten thousand (10,000) hectares. It is 14.5 kilometers away from the Poblacion. It is a 40-minute ride from the heart of the municipality. It is bounded on the north by Malungon, Sarangani Province, on the south by the hilly portion of Mt. Matutum, on the west by Barangay Maligo and General Santos City on the east.

Barangay Landan is accessible to all kinds of transportation. There are two (2) elementary schools and two (2) Primary schools in the Barangay. The graduates of the two elementary schools used to proceed their secondary education to the different private and public high schools in the town proper. The need to have a public high school was felt by concerned residents and Barangay officials, after observing that some of the elementary graduates could not pursue their secondary education because of financial reasons and due to the distance of the Barangay from secondary schools in the locality especially that almost 60% of its residents are Indigenous People, the Blaan.

It was for the above reasons that in 2003, the Barangay Officials headed by Hon. Barangay Captain Guilly D. Lakim visited the Office of the Principal of Upper Klinan National High School, in the person of Mr. Pedro T. Dajay, and discussed the possibility of opening a high school at Barangay Landan to be an Annex School of Upper Klinan National High School. They were advised then to prepare the necessary documents for endorsement to the Office of the Schools Division Superintended of the Division of South Cotabato.

There was a positive response to the said endorsement. Three months later, Mr. Cesar B. Ollosa, the then Schools Division Superintendent together with other Division Personnel, made an ocular inspection of the proposed school site and conducted interviews to some residents and prospective students. After a thorough evaluation, the Schools Division Superintendent handed its approval.

Thus on June 2004, Landan National High School was born, as an additional campus of Upper Klinan National High School under the management and supervision of the principal of the main campus. The operation started with only three (3) year levels, First, Second, and Third Year Level. There were two (2) sections for the 1st Year, one (1) section for the 2nd Year, and one (1) section for the 3rd Year. The total enrolment was two hundred and fifty (250). Classes were held at the Barangay Hall compound using the bleachers and temporary classrooms to accommodate the students. The Parent-Teachers and Community Association was the one responsible of paying for the salaries of the six (6) teachers and one (1) support staff who were hired. The following school year 2005-2006, there was a big increase of enrolment, thus, for the exigency of service, three (3) nationally paid teachers from the main school were detailed to the newly opened school for more learning conveniences of the students. Four (4) more teachers were hired and were paid by the Local School Board of the Municipality of Polomolok. Books and other learning equipments and even supplies were provided by the mother school.

Three years after its existence, the school was declared by Miss Ma. Nenita T. Golez, Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of South Cotabato as an Annex school of Upper Klinan National High School wherein Mr. Wilfredo A. Barluado was installed as the Head of the School with thirteen (13) strong teachers and one (1) support staff under his management and supervision.

While classes were still held at the temporary classrooms, the Local Government of Polomolok, under the administration of Hon. Isidro D. Lumayag constructed a 2-classroom building at the school site. When the building was finished, the 3rd and 4th year classes were moved to the said building while the 1st and 2nd year classes remained until another building was constructed by the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, under the administration of Hon. Daisy Avance-Fuentes, which gave the reason for the total transfer of all classes in the site with some classes held in makeshift classrooms.

A year later, Mr. Barluado transferred to the mother school as principal taking the position of Mr. Pedro T. Dajay who was promoted as education Supervisor in the Division of South Cotabato. Mr. Stephen Salazar then took the headship or Landan National High School. However, two years later, he was transferred to another high school somewhere in the Upper Valley.

Due to the vacancy of the position, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Allan G. Farnazo detailed Mr. Ruel F. Penaflorida, the head of the Pablo Valencia National High School to Landan National High School. However, weeks later, he went back to his previous station because the Barangay Council of Koronadal Proper where the school is located passed a resolution to the Division Office for his retention. For this reason and for the exigency of service, Mrs. Ninfa B. Macabenta, Master Teacher I of Polomolok National High School was directed to head the school effective August 6, 2007.

Today, Landan National High School is a fast growing school. It caters the learning needs of more than four hundred clienteles where sixty percent (60%) are Indigenous People, the Blaan. The school has fourteen (14) strong and able teachers where seven (7) of whom are paid by the Municipal School Board, two (2) by the Provincial School Board and five (5) nationally-paid who are borrowed from Upper Klinan National High School, the mother school. It has one (1) clerk who is also paid by the Parent Teachers and Community Association of the school.

With the present set up, the school is experiencing a little difficulty because of the lack of classrooms. With eight (8) classes, only five (5) are accommodated in concrete classrooms, while the three (3) are housed in dilapidated temporary classrooms made of light materials.
Landan National High School has a one (1) hectare school site. It is located more or less three hundred (300) meters away from the Barangay Hall of Landan. It is quite elevated from the Barangay road but can be reached by any means of transportation.

Total number of students fro school year 2007-2008 was four hundred fifty eight (458). According to Mrs. Ninfa B. Macabenta, educational resource materiasl such as Math, English, Science books are most useful for the school. School supplies such as writing books for English, drawing books for Arts classes and Music books are commonly needed by the students for use in their group activities.

Notes: Report submitted by Landan National High School thru Ms. Josseth Ante-Malida. The photos were courtesy of Gemalyn L. Carino as part of her college thesis for Mindanao State University.

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