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GFI Mindanao Outreach– Youth Leadership Award (YLA) Concept


In May 2007, the Galing Foundation, Inc. (GFI) started its outreach in Mindanao with one school and has now grown into four (5) schools with primarily indigent school children. These schools have no library place and even educational resource materials that could be of help to enhance their learning process and develop their skills especially in reading English. With the assistance of GFI, the teachers and students are now enjoying to use the educational resource materials sent and are considering to establish their respective school libraries. As reported by the GFI Mindanao local coordinator, GFI’s intervention gave the students the hope and pride to excel in their academics.

The concept of the GFI – Youth Leadership Award (YLA) was launched in Atlanta last December 2007. The awarding was done during the year-end community dinner of the Atlanta Fil-Am community leaders with the Honorary Consul General. To date, there are two YLA recipients from the youth leaders of the Atlanta Fil-Am community. This concept or model will be launched for the different GFI assisted schools in Mindanao during their respective commencement exercises in March 2009. In addition to this, Best in English award will also be given in each school level. The invitation for participation to project was formally communicated and coordinated with the respective schools.

The GFI-Mindanao Outreach partners and local volunteers will also be given certificates of appreciation for their labor of love in supporting educational development.

Project Goal:

The goal for this project is to support the respective schools during their 2009 commencement exercises by giving awards to students that have shown exemplary academic accomplishments and appreciation of volunteers to the mission of GFI.

Project Objectives:

1. To award GFI medals for Best in English in each school grade/level.
2. To award a GFI trophy and framed certificate for the GFI-Youth Leadership Awardee in each school level.
3. To award certificates of appreciation for GFI Mindanao partners and local volunteers.

Selection and Awarding Process:

There will be two major categories for this project, the Best in English and the over all school recipient of the GFI-Mindanao YLA. Each category will have the following selection process.

A. Best in English

1) The teacher in charge in each grade/year level per school will identify the best English reader/writer based on the educational merit system of the school.

2) The approved final list of awardees in each school level will be submitted to the GFI local volunteer/partner organization for validation/documentation.

3) The Best in English awardees will receive a gold medal from GFI.

4) The awarding will be in alignment with the commencement exercises of the school. The GFI local volunteer shall coordinate with the respective school principal for the proper turn over and assigning of the medals for identified recipients.

5) Documentation during the ceremonies will be posted in the GFI website.

B. GFI – Mindanao YLA

1) For consistency, the criteria for selection will be modeled after the standard
GFI-YLA with focus on the following core of disciplines:

Academic Excellence (60%): Each nominee shall provide proof of academic achievement as well as active involvement in extra-curricular activities of the school;

Service (10%): Renders willingly service to his/her schools or communities when called upon and provides help and assistance when he/she sees a need;

Leadership (20%): Demonstrates leadership inside and outside the school. Exemplifies positive qualities and attitudes, which other students can look up to; and

Character (10%): Demonstrates concern for others. Sets a positive example for other students to emulate. Displays an exemplary disposition towards people.

2) The GFI standard format for the nomination will be used for each school. For equal participation, announcement for the nomination will be posted in school bulletin boards.

3. Only one GFI – YLA will be awarded for each school level (elementary or high

The awardees will receive a GFI trophy and certificate (signed by Hon. Consul General Raoul Donato, GFI Executive Director Toni Daya-Luetgers, and the GFI Mindanao Director).

Upon availability, the GFI Mindanao local volunteer will do the awarding on behalf of the GFI if allowed by the school. Otherwise, the respective school commencement exercises committee will give the award.

The profile of the respective awardees will be featured in the GFI website.

The YLA selection committee will be composed by the respective school teacher/principal (if applicable), GFI Mindanao local volunteer, GFI Mindanao Director and the GFI Executive Director.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

For implementation efficiency, this project will be monitored and evaluated by the GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator, GFI Mindanao local volunteers/partner schools and finally by the GFI Board as basis for continuing the project for the next year.

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