Friday, November 13, 2015

Amado M. Quirit National High School Shared Educational Resources to Another High School

22 GFI boxes were picked up by Sulong Karunungan Team

Thank you to the Sulong Karunungan Program of Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon in facilitating the pick up, sorting and turn over of books to Kinam National High School in Barangay Kinam, Malapatan. The principal, Maan Jennifer Dela Sierra, is the former school principal of Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School.

Other school recipients for the 22 boxes are:
 1. Lamlifew Elementary School - Datal Tampal, Malungon
2. Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School - Kihan, Malapatan
3. Naidas Opong Elementary School - Kihan, Malapatan
4. Kiahe Integrated School - Malapatan
5. Nian Inyegrated School - Tamban, Malungon

Photo credits: Kim Tiblani

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