Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dr. Joel Aquino's Blaan Cultural Experience

Lamlifew Elementary School is declared by the Department of Education-Sarangani Schools Division as a model Indigenous Peoples School primarily due to the predominant existence and vibrant cultural life of the Blaan Indigenous Peoples group living in the community. The school also includes the Lamlifew Day Care School and this opening school year, they will open a high school level as part of the K-12 Program.The land area of the school was also donated by a big Blaan clan of the village. The community is also the site for the First Village Museum of the Philippines initiated by the Lamlifew Tribal Women's Association (LTWA) in which the parents especailly the mothers of the students are active members.

During the visit of Fil-Am teacher Dr. Joel Aquino and his family, they were welcomed with warm Blaan hospitality. Kids and Lamlifew students shared a Blaan dance and a tour at the Village Museum. Dr. Aquino and guests also spent lunch there and visited the Blaan Weaving Center.

LTW President Helen Lumbos, Mrs. Evans and daughter, and Dr. Aquino

Blaan musicians working on the musicial instrument called Del

Boat lute (Faglung) master player, Bae Herminia Lacna

Dr. Aquino having fun immitating Blaan dance movements

Blaan Lamlifew students depicting upland rice culture in their Blaan dance

Blaan dance by some Lamlifew student

Dr. Aquino and the Blaan kids doing the Maral (Blaan dance)
Lamlife Elementary School Principal Ireneo Caya with students and family of Dr. Aquino
The Cafeteria of the Lamlifew Village Museum where guests can spend lunch and experience traditional Blaan cuisine
The Blaan Weaving Center of Sarangani Province, a tradition that is being preserved through skills transfer to the younger Blaan weavers
Thank you to the Sulong Tribu and Sulong Karunungan Program Team of Sarangani Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon for facilitating this community visit. Thank you as well for the warm welcome and hospitatlity of the Lamlifew Tribal Women's Association.

Photo credits: Dan Evans, Sarangani Provincial Education Consultant

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