Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DepEd Sarangani Memo for Delta Air Lines Amenity Kits Distribution

Schools Division Superintendent Isagani dela Cruz issued a Memo dated July 8, 2013 for the schedule of the release of the amenity kits to the recipient schools (IS-Integrated School, PS-Primary School, ES-Elementary School):

Through the leadership of former governor, Mr. Miguel Rene A. Dominguez, the Division of Sarangani has been given milestone donations from various stakeholders. Among these are the Amenity kits which were donated to the Province and intended for Grades 1 and 2 pupils of public elementary of Sarangani. These Amenity Kits came from Delta Air Lines upon the initiative of Ms. Arjho Carino-Turner of the Galing Foundation (USA) and Honorary Philippine Consul General Donato.

Considering that the responsibility for distribution is already passed to DepEd-Division of Sarangani, the Schools Division Superintendent, through the OIC Supply Officer, schedules the release of these amenity kits to recipient schools on July 16-19,2013,08:00 AM to 05:00 PM at the Division Office, Capitol Compound, Alabel, Sarangani.

Recipient schools are asked to make necessary documentation of the release of these
amenity kits to their Grade s I & 2 pupils and submit a reporl to the Office of the SDS.

Recipient schools are also advised to bring a vehicle to carry the amenity kits and must

come on the scheduled date and time.

Attached is the List of Recipient Schools and the schedule date of distribution.

For the information and guidance of all concerned'

Julv 16,2013 MALUNGON
Malungon CES SPED
Kiblawan PS
Tangali IS
San Miguel ES
Taclobo ES
San Juan  ES
Kalonbarak ES
Kisablay PS
Tandawanan PS
Upper Lumabat IS
Laginan PS
Lamlangil ES
Balitangan PS
Kanyugan ES
Lamlinol PS
Lutay IS
Pikong PS
Datal Batong IS
Datal Bila IS
Lamlifew ES
Malabod IS
N. Sunio PS
Sitio Bantac
ALS (Malungon East District) (ALS (75/teacher) Adult learners)

Bo. Site PS
Bongo PS
Kyumad IS
Langaran PS
Lebe PS
Mangelen IS
Rogaya Baiunaid IS
Datu Molod IS
Blat ES
Nomoh IS
Cabales-Inarbia IS
Edro Malayo PS
Matingao PS
Pedro Cabales PS
Pedro M. Buen PS
Bocay-il ES
Green Valley PS
Tabotong PS

New Canaan IS
Sofan ES
Kibak PS
King NopPS
Salimama ES
Pansoleel ES
Datal Conde PS
Latian ES
Saliluk Macantal ES
Upper Domolok ES
Tagaytay IS
Pas-asa IS
Paraiso IS
Datal Aneeas IS
PM P.H. Millona IS
Daan Suyan IS
Datu Pansolima IS
Naidas Opong (Kihan ES)

July 19,2013 GLAN
Cablalan IS
Lumiso IS
Malatabon PS
Roque Adarna IS
Tampus IS
Banlas PS
Dlama PS
E. Alesado IS
Hadji Musa IS
Lanao Kaoanslao PS
Tansgn IS
Batulaki IS
Gulo ES
Severo T. Inong PS

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