Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maligo Elementary School Profile

School Head: Mrs. Lorelyn S. Fabulare

School Phone: None

E-mail Address: lorfabz@yahoo.com

Name and History of the School:

The school is located at Barangay Maligo, Polomolok, South Cotabato, a peaceful barangay at the foot of Mt. Matutum. It is composed of eight (8) purok/sitios and it has three complete elementary schools and one primary school. One of the schools is Maligo Elementary School. The school is named after the name of the Barangay.

Maligo Elementary School was once a primary school opened in the year 1985 by Mrs. Gegenia Layog Lasmarias. She served the school until 1988. By 1988 to 1990, Mrs. Meriam M. Consad headed the school followed by Mr. Hacyone L. Luyao on to 1990 to 1993. Mrs. Herlyn H. Berondo was the next teacher-in-charge of the school until she was promoted to Head Teacher III to Principal I. It was a primary and multi-grade school from 1985 to 2006 with only two teachers. It was during the time of Mrs. Lorie T. Yayong when the school became a complete elementary with monograde classes. There were six teachers then; three with regular permanent
items and three were municipal paid under the Local School Board. At present, Mrs. Lorelyn S. Fabulare, Teacher III of Landan Elementary School was transferred to Maligo Elementary school as the teacher-in-charge and a classroom teacher as well.

Type of School:
Maligo Elementary School is a non-central, complete monograde school. It caters to children living at the Purok Center, Purok Mauswagon and some intermediate pupils coming from other Puroks/Sitios. The school is situated in a rural area, specifically in an agricultural community.
It is accessible by walking, animal (Carabao or Horse) ride, tricycle, single motorcycle and other means of transportation. It is 10 kilometers away from Polomolok East School District. It has a land area of 10, 000 square meters.


The school is using the Restructured Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC). The competencies are based on the Philippine Elementary Learning Competencies (PELC). The media of instructions are English and Filipino in all grade level (Grade I to Grade VI). Sometimes Cebuano or Ilonggo
dialects are used.

The subjects thought are:
Science and Health
Makabayan composed of
- Music Arts, Physical Education
- Character Education/Values
- Home Economics
- SIBIKA (history)

2011 Student Population: 176
Boys: 83
Girls: 93

Teacher’s Profile:

Ma. Cecilia S. Cervantes, BEED - LET (Female, Teacher I, Municipal School Board Paid)
Elsie T. Camacho, BEED - LET (Female, Teacher I, Municipal School Board Paid)
Riza Amor J. Nicor, BEED - LET (Female, Teacher I, Regular –Permanent)
Joylyn Rose P. Ramos, BEED - LET (Female, Teacher I, Regular– Permanent)
Jo-Ann M. Luyao, BEED - LET (Female, Teacher I, Regular –Permanent)
Lorelyn S. Fabulare, MA in Educational Development- LET Elementary
and Secondary (Female, Teacher III-Teacher-in-Charge, Regular – Permanent)

GFI 2011 Wish List
Maligo Elementary School teachers and pupils wish to have
the following educational materials:
1.Instructional Materials like Science laboratory apparatus and Human Anatomy models, Flip Books, Work Books (for Writing, Mathematics and Science)
2. Reference Materials e.g. Encyclopedia and Big dictionary
3. Art Materials e.g. Crayons, Pastels, Drawing books, art papers, etc.
4. School Supplies e.g. Bags, pencils, ballpens, pentel pens, bond papers, white boards and markers
5.Feeding supplies e.g. rice, milk and vitamins

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