Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Meeting with Jack Breedlove for his Eagle Scout Project

June 22, 2017 (Vinings, Georgia)

Arjho Turner, Galing Foundation Inc. (GFI) Mindanao Outreach Director, met with Jack Breedlove for his Eagle Scout Project in partnership with GFI. Jack was joined by his father Jeff Breedlove for the brainstorming/initial planning of the project that will benefit the GFI Mindanao Outreach Schools.

Brainstorming resulted to the following ideas:
1. Jack to finish the project proposal documentation for submission to the Boy Scout Team he is a part of.
2. Jack plans to collect educational resources that will benefit Pre-K to K-12 students, College Students and even resources that will be good for the library.
3. Arjho will get Jack and Jeff engaged to the partners in the Mindanao Outreach to establish direct contacts from the schools and also learn about the Boy Scout of the Philippines.
4. Arjho will share a video as easy reference on common educational resource materials collected and sent to the Philippines.
5. Initial name of the project is "Back Jack Campaign" and technical support in helping promote this project thru the Galing Foundation, Inc. Blogs and Facebook Page with the goal of engaging people to be a partner as educational resource donor or financial donor to cover the shipping cost. For financial donations to be tax deductible, donors will write the check to Galing Foundation, Inc. with the note"Back Jack Project'. For educational material donations, GFI will send a form that will itemize donations and the corresponding monetary value to recognize the donation from individuals or corporate donors.
6. Jack will extend invitation to the GFI Board Members who can be available in his book collection initiatives in various places or schools he can partner with.
7. Minimum of 5 boxes and maximum of 10 boxes (standard international shipping box used by GFI thru a partner shipping company)  are targeted for this project.
8. Jack wanted to engage local scout partners in the Philippines to do the sorting, helping in the transportation and in the turning over of the educational resources sent as a collaborative effort for project implementation.

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