Friday, March 27, 2015

Graduation Day at Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School for SY 2014-2015

The graduates with guests

Presentation of the 48 graduates for SY 2014-2015

Maam Cecil Duero (incumbent Principal), Ms. Cecilia Cenon (guest speaker), Maam Jennifer Dela Sierra (former Principal)
Ms. Cecilia Cenon, graduation speaker
48 students graduated from Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School on March 27, 2015. Their graduation day was also graced by their former school principal, Maam Jennifer Soguilon Dela Sierra, who is now assigned to another school.  Since the history of graduation day of the school, each invited guest speaker are young Blaan professionals who shared their life's expereinces and struggles in life to finish school no matter what and still culturally grounded. This year's graduation speaker is Cecilia Cenon. Below is just part of her inspirational message:

"Standing in front you right now dear graduates is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you think like oh, this is the end for me because there is no way that my parents can send me to college, that is absolutely wrong. There are so many programs offered by our government to back you up in reaching your dreams. I also came from a very poor family, very less privileged. If you feel that you are in a very bad situation right now, mine back then was worst. But I have big dreams and I made a promise to myself that no matter what will happen, makakapagtapos din ako.

I knocked on doors asking if they need a house help, a working student. Some asked me to leave, most of them I only received rejection. But I never stopped there. Go lang ng go...After 6 years I finally made it, not only made it but I was on top of my league. Graduates, I am encouraging you to dream big, dream high, work for it for I am standing here in front of you as a living testimony that no matter how bad your situation is, no matter how poor you are, you can turn the situation around if you work hard and pray hard. Salamat ug congratulations sa inyung tanan." - Cecilia Cenon, graduation speaker

The Galing Foundation, Inc. board extends our congratulations to all graduates!

Photo credits: Maam Jennifer Soguilon Dela Sierra

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