Friday, January 2, 2015

Last Quarter 2014 books turn over in Kihan

Amado M. Quirit Sr. High School is located in Barangay Kihan, Malapatan, Sarangani Province. The school designated a library room where books they got from GFI are kept. They also share their educational resources to the nearby Naidas Opong Elementary School where their students graduated elementary. Naidas Opong Elementary School was invited back in 2012 to apply for the GFI 2013-2017 outreach schools but was not able to submit their application document. When the high school started receiving books, the elementary school regretted the opportunity of not being officially included as GFI beneficiary. To solve the problem, the school principals of both the elementary and high school agreed to share the educational resources since they are serving the same community whose elementary graduates ended up to be the high school students.

In the last quarter of 2014, GFI Mindanao Outreach partnered with the Sulong Tribu Program and Sulong Karunungan Program of Sarangani Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon for the transportation and the delegating some staff from each program doing turn over to the schools. This time, 2 boxes of the books received was turned over to Naidas Opong Elementary School. The other boxes of books appropriate for high school will be turned over to Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School this January 2015. GFI is blessed to have the support from the Provincial Government of Sarangani.

Thank you Toto Terando, Iner Toguin, Ping Gomez, Ibrahim Nilong under the office of Governor Steve Chiongbian Solon for facilitating  the transportation and turnover of books.

Photos courtesy of Sulong Karunungan Program staff. 

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