Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Art works and essays from Amado M. Quirit Sr. National High School

Rebecca Dayag Rodriguez, a GFI partner, did turn over of books to the school during her visit in June 2014. Galing Foundation, Inc (GFI) asked their school head to showcase students’ art works and essays. The purpose of this writing exercise is for GFI supporters in Atlanta to gain a deeper insight and understanding about the children's daily lives. GFI also wanted to learn from the students a greater and deeper perspective about their dreams and the Blaan culture. Some of the students shared their self-portraits, dreams and their community thru drawings and simple write ups. Below are some of them:

Thanks to the school administration for the documentation from the students and to Becca as well for representing GFI during the books turn-over as well as being so kind in taking the documents to the US and forward it to Atlanta.

“It was an honor to do the turnover of the books. I can see in their eyes how happy and grateful they are and so are the parents during the event.  Even myself, I was shocked how many parents that were there and also seeing some of the teachers getting emotional and happy that Galing Foundation, Inc. extended assistance by donating all these books and other educational resource materials. Me and my husband had a wonderful visit to the schools.” – Becca Dayag Rodriguez

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