Thursday, December 29, 2011

Message from GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator

Word cannot express the Joy and Happiness of the Teacher In Charge, Teachers, Students, Parents Teachers Association Officials (PTCA) and Barangay Officials of Landan National High School (LNHS) during the December 20, 2011 ceremonial turn-over of books, reference materials, TV with DVD player sets, Computer with Printer and other materials coming from the Galing Foundation Incorporated.
With all passion, Nimfa B. Macabenta, Teacher-In-Charge, LNHS challenge the students to make use of their time reading the materials in the library to advance their knowledge in Science, Math, English, Chemistry, Geography, World Views and other field of interest available. He also encouraged the PTCA and Barangay Officials to also avail of the opportunity to learn and they may schedule to visit the school library. The faces that reflect the genuine gratitude to the people behind the GFI is worthy to note. As stressed by Maam Nimfa, that no words can exactly portray the happiness, joy and gratitude to LNHS to GFI.
Barangay Captain Gulli Lakim once said that GFI provide not only knowledge to the student but GFI help produce better leaders from LNHS capacitated by the materials that the Galing Foundation, Inc. bestowed to the school. He admitted that the Department of Education and the Barangay cannot provide the materials for the students and he commend GFI for the good heart and choose LNHS as one of its recipients.
Science teacher, Armie Diones, in her thanks giving message said that she had been to different private schools but she cannot find one book like the ones LNHS received from GFI. She emotionally expressed her gratitude to GFI and with a prayer that GFI Board and all the partners behind GFI will be blessed by GOD so they can help more schools like LNHS. As a Science teacher, the materials GFI sent was relevant and effective in her teaching to her students.
The English teacher, Ms. Marivic Alejada, in her speech emphasized the joy of sharing. It is a lifetime blessing that they are able to receive the materials from GFI.
Student Body Organization Leader, Jevern L. Ellaga, emphasized that the learning he and his fellow students acquired because of the books and materials that they have in their library will bring them better future. He also noted that they are blessed to have GFI in their school because though they studied in a remote barangay but they have an international standard of books, laboratory equipment and reference materials that equipped them to a higher level of learning.
Thanks a lot for GFI for letting me experience this once in a life time opportunity to be of service to the students, to the school, to the teachers and to the public as a whole. Though, being a coordinator is a task that needs commitment and passion as it is an added work load on top of my busy schedule but I love to share my time to segregate books, arrange the schedule of transport and turn over as well as monitor the library development progress for the school. This is something that makes me a better person. When I heard the words coming from the Principal, PTCA President, Teachers, Students and Barangay Officials, I felt the value of what I have done as a volunteer coordinator along with other local GFI volunteers. I don’t need to be recognized but since they spoke up their heart, I saw their joy and gratitude to the efforts of Galing Foundation, Inc. Thank you so much to all the partners and supporters of GFI! -Jocelyn Latimban Carino-Robles GFI Mindanao Outreach Coordinator

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