Monday, April 27, 2009

3 GFI boxes shipped

The GFI shipped 3 boxes of books, assorted school supplies, kids clothes/shoes, toys last April 2, 2009. Details can be viwed at this you tube video posted by Toni Daya:

1. Landan National High School
2. Maligo Public Library
3. Maligo Elementary School
4. Maligo Day Care School

1. North West Phil-Am Association of Georgia - assorted school supplies
2. Mr. & Mrs. Ashwin and Ranjah Patel - health related educational resource materials, books
3. Ms. Roni Buenaventura - assorted books
4. Turner family - Time Magazines, National Geographic Magazines, assorted books, toys,
5. CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta - kids clothes, toys, kids shoes
6. Luetgers family - assorted books, kids clothes, school supplies

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